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The BRITISH CONNECTION is a consultancy unit, with an international consortium of investment, banking and lenders which are interested in funding a wide variety of projects worldwide.

  Film Financing   Private Placement
  Joint Ventures   General Advisory
  Acquisition Financing   Management Buyouts
  Real Estate Financing   Small Business Financing

Our Clients receive the same degree of attention and quality of service regardless of size. We achieve optimal value for our clients through a combination of technical expertise networking of contacts which includes traditional banking and non-banking sources, domestic and international finance companies.



  Real Estate, Hotels and Housing   Theme Parks
Airlines, Airports Precious Metals
  Medical Facilities   Technology
  Hospitals   Golf Courses
  Municipal Projects such as:   Country Clubs


Electric Power Plants   Telecommunications


Water Projects   Humanitarian Projects
    Highways   Oil - Gas
    Toll Roads   Non Profit organizations
  Commercial Real Estate   Oil Refineries

In working with our Key Associates, we afford our clients the opportunity of evaluating multiple alternatives for funding for projects. If you have any specific finance or acquisition interests, please forward the appropriate information to our attention. Upon receipt, we will contact you. If you have any questions in the interim, please feel free to e-mail us directly.


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